Clinical Evidence

Use of hypnosis for pregnancy and childbirth.

Clinically proven benefits are:

  • Statistically shorter labour
  • Less occurence of complication
  • Reduced chance of medical intervention
  • Less need for pharmacological pain relief
  • Reduced incidence of post-natal depression
  • Promoting lactaction for effective breastfeeding
  • Effective bonding with your new baby from both mum and dad
  • Increased satisfaction with labour

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Use of hypnosis for fertility

  • Increased chance of natural conception
  • Has been shown to double the rate of IVF success
  • Reduced depression where facing long-term infertility

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Kat's Birth Quote

Thank you so much in helping us with another brilliant birth experience-it was really powerful. I really feel like it gave me that extra bit of inner strength and belief I needed.

Kat, 2nd baby

Jayne's Birth Quote

Although the birth did not go as planned the techniques helped me in the labour process and with coming to terms with the situation as it developed. Initially very calm and controlled, on the discovery of breech presentation I was very upset initially but feel the classes helped me accept...

Jayne, 1st baby