Hypnosis and Psychotherapy for Fertility, Pregnancy, Hypnobirthing, Post Natal Mental Health & Parenting Support

Supporting men and women on their journey to parenthood and beyond for over 25 years


Our online school provides independently accredited courses. Whether a trainee therapist, already in practice or simply have a working interest, our courses are for you.

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Whether already a parent or wanting to conceive, we are here to support you throughout your journey from fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting challenges.

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The easibirthing® and parenting story since our conception in 1996

Over 25 years ago the concept of easibirthing® was born. It became a labour of love to develop an all-encompassing hypnotherapy and psychotherapy service that would support individuals and couples along their journey to becoming a parent ‘from fertility to parenthood’.

As the service evolved, our reputation grew to become the gold standard in working to help maintain psychological health through the emotional terrain of challenges in fertility and conception, pregnancy, childbirth, antenatal & postnatal mental health, and parenting relationships within the family.

Through our in-person and online gender-inclusive therapy practice we continue to support clients restore and maintain emotional and mental health.

Through our LIVE and ONLINE training school for practitioners and clients, easibirthing® has developed to have global recognition with the gold standard reputation of service to parents, parents-to-be, and practitioners which it has today.

All our training courses are independently accredited by the National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy (NCHP).

There are now hundreds of qualified easibirthing® practitioners across the world. Therefore you have the reassurance that anyone using the easibirthing® registered trademark is trained and qualified to work within these specialist areas.

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Meet the Founder

My name is Sharon Mustard. I am the founder and director of easibirthing® and parenting. I continue to work with my private clients in my hypno-psychotherapy practice in Salisbury, UK as well as offering LIVE video sessions across the UK and abroad. I also train and coach practitioners in using the easibirthing® models with their own clients.

Sharon Mustard

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Support for new parents during pregnancy and childbirth. Yes the pregnant mum, but Dads too!

Support for new parents during pregnancy and childbirth. Yes the pregnant mum, but Dads too!

 13th May 2022

Dr Andrew Mayers of Bournemouth University has conducted a research study looking specifically at how men feel about the support they receive during their partner's pregnancy. At easibirthing® and parenting, we completely believe the study's reported feelings of exclusion in the whole process and pregnancy and birth can be extended to any non-birthing parent regardless of gender. Our clients often report feeling sidelined or their needs ignored.

Given how prevalent post natal depression and anxiety can be amongst new parents, regardless whether they have given birth or not, it is time as a society that we give them to space and support to adjust during pregnancy and childbirth to help prevent adverse mental health beyond.

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A journey from childbirth to becoming a new parent

A journey from childbirth to becoming a new parent

 11th May 2022

I would highly recommend Sharon’s courses.

I gave birth to my son after attending her course and it was a game changer for me. I felt in control throughout. My son turned 14 last week!

Claire Louise

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Hypnobirthing is suitable for ALL childbirth, whether labour and vaginal delivery OR C-section!

Hypnobirthing is suitable for ALL childbirth, whether labour and vaginal delivery OR C-section!

 29th Apr 2022

At easibirthing® and parenting we believe that the best birth is the one that is right for THIS mum and THIS baby. Every woman deserves to be supported regardless of the mode of delivery.

Labour can be unpredictable, and an emergency caesarean can be the right decision for some women and babies so an important role of a hypnobirthing course should be to build a repertoire of techniques to deal with when it doesn't go according to plan.

But did you know that hypnobirthing is suitable for an elective or planned C-section birth too?

In light of the recent Ockenden report, a controversial and fiery debate has followed about what is the 'safe' mode for delivering your baby. Unfortunately this has forgotten the real point. It was not that the validity of either mode of delivery is in question, but instead that an under funded and resourced maternity service was at the root of what happened in Shrewsbury where professional decisions and choices were then flawed.

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Sharon's training is fantastic. Easy to relate to you but choc-full of information, facts, research. I trained with Sharon in Hypnosis for Fertility, Hypnobirthing, Post Natal support and Tokophobia - I think that speaks for itself!

Jacqueline, Hypno-psychotherapist

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I also just wanted to say thank you so much you are such an inspiration to me, I actually attended your course as an expectant mum, after having an amazing experience it inspired me to get qualified and try to help others in the way you helped me. And just over 4 years later here I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist and studying counselling. You have genuinely changed my life in so many ways thank you!

Alice, former client & now hypnotherapist

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Each informative session with Sharon left us feeling empowered, calm and in control - giving us the skills to stay positive and make informed decisions when the time came for labour. Sharon's beautiful and calming voice stayed with me all throughout the birth and it was like having another birthing partner there by my side, along with my husband.

Sarah and Simon, pregnancy and hypnobirthing clients

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