Online hypnobirthing course

What to expect from the online easibirthing® hypnobirthing course

The online course contains the following types of learning:

  • Video Introduction and Closing words from Sharon Mustard, easibirthing and parenting training founder 
  • Audio visual lectures narrated by Sharon Mustard, your course tutor
  • Animated and illustrative videos to enhance your learning
  • Downloadable hypnosis audio tracks for each section of the course; for use in practice and during labour
  • Downloadable summary 'prompt sheets' for use in labour

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The 7.5 hours course is structured within 5 sections, each with their own focus. Please work through each section in turn; experiencing the hypnosis mp3 track(s) relevant for that part and then practising the techniques by downloading and regularly listening to each track to become very familiar with the content so that you can easily re-create it during birth.

You are advised to either download or print the summary sheets at the end of each section. You can then use them during your baby's birth whether at home, birthing centre or hospital for you or your birth partner to prompt on the relevant hypnotic techniques to use for each stage of labour.

It is ideal if your birth partner is able to complete the sections with you. However where this is not possible, best results are achieved by them working through the sections themselves, including the tracks.

Please remember that the contact of this course, including the mp3 tracks, is for your use only. All written and recorded content is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced or given to another person without the express permission of Sharon Mustard of easibirthing®

Course structure

easibirthing® session 1 Confident Birthing

  • Hypnobirthing and your maternity support team NARRATED SLIDES
  • Trusting your body VIDEO
  • Perspective of a birth partner & the location of birth NARRATED SLIDES
  • Confident Birthing 1A (Birth as a natural process) HYPNOSIS mp3
  • A Dad's birth story PDF
  • Fears and expectations about birth NARRATED SLIDES
  • Benefits of optimal breathing and relaxation VIDEO
  • Confident Birthing 1B (Establish optimal breathing) HYPNOSIS mp3
  • Confident Birthing summary PDF

easibirthing® session 2 Establishing Optimal Birth Conditions

  • What is hypnosis? Clinical evidence of effectiveness NARRATED SLIDES
  • The importance of anxiety management NARRATED SLIDES
  • Daisy's home birth VIDEO
  • Psychological and hormonal conditions for birth NARRATED SLIDES
  • Women's birth experiences MUSICAL SLIDESHOW
  • How to achieve the CCC ideal mental state NARRATED SLIDES
  • Powerful Positivity for Childbirth HYPNOSIS mp3
  • Powerful Positivity for Childbirth summary PDF

easibirthing® session 3 Stage 1 Labour,Anchoring & Discomfort Management

  • Natural and Artificial Induction NARRATED SLIDES
  • Cartesian Questioning tool PDF
  • Confidence about cervical dilation DEMONSTRATION VIDEO
  • Stage 1 of labour NARRATED SLIDES
  • Reactive/preventative managing of pain & discomfort NARRATED SLIDES
  • Woman singing during throat surgery VIDEO
  • Stage 1 Labour, Anchoring, Discomfort management HYPNOSIS mp3
  • Science behind gate control VIDEO
  • Using a mental anchor NARRATED SLIDES
  • Jemima's hospital birth VIDEO
  • Stage 1 Labour/Anchoring/Discomfort Management summary PDF

easibirthing® session 4 Transition and Stage 2 Labour

  • Baby’s experience of birth & Transition Stage NARRATED SLIDES
  • 'I thought I could' maintaining self belief VIDEO
  • Optimal positioning and breech DEMONSTRATION VIDEO
  • Stage 2 Labour NARRATED SLIDES
  • Avoiding a tense birth canal DEMONSTRATION VIDEO
  • Birth animation VIDEO
  • Transition & Stage 2 Labour HYPNOSIS mp3
  • Oliver's hospital birth VIDEO
  • Transition & Stage 2 Labour summary PDF
  • Positions for Labour NARRATED SLIDES
  • Positions for Labour PDF

easibirthing® session 5 Stage 3 Labour & Post Natal Recovery

  • Importance of internal and external language NARRATED SLIDES
  • When it doesn’t go according to plan NARRATED SLIDES
  • Ibis's home birth VIDEO
  • Role of the birth partner & Stage 3 Labour NARRATED SLIDES
  • Role of the birth partner & Positive Affirmations PDF
  • Legal rights with choices and challenges in birth NARRATED SLIDES
  • Stage 3 labour (birthing the placenta) NARRATED SLIDES
  • Ana's birth centre birth VIDEO
  • Breastfeeding & Post Natal Recovery NARRATED SLIDES
  • Stage 3 Labour, Breastfeeding & Post Natal Recovery HYPNOSIS mp3
  • Stage 3 Labour, Breastfeeding & Post Natal Recovery summary PDF
  • easibirthing background music (no vocals) mp3
  • Closing words from Sharon Mustard VIDEO
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Online hypnobirthing course for a positive birth experience

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