Online therapy training courses

Online hypnosis and psychotherapy courses for fertility, pregnancy , hypnobirthing , post natal mental health & parenting

Our 'easibirthing and parenting training' ONLINE training school is an exciting new chapter for us at easibirthing®. We have being providing LIVE training for professionals working with parents for over 12 years, and supporting clients in their journey to parenthood for over 23 years. Therefore you can be assured that all our courses are designed with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We also provide Salisbury hypnobirthing classes and across the UK. Our online hypnobirthing courses are designed to be more accessible to pregnant women and birth partners across the globe to complete at your own pace.

Our online hypnosis and psychotherapy CPD training courses are both for hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, psychotherapeutic counsellors, parents, and parents-to-be. As professionals, these are designed to help you help your clients maintain positive mental health and empower them to make a smooth transition to becoming a parent or to enjoy being one! As a parent, they are to support you through  fertility , your pregnancy , natural childbirth or delivery by caesarean section , post natal support for positive mental health.

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  • FREE 'How to be a good enough parent' ONLINE mini course                                          BOOK THIS COURSE NOW
  • Post Natal Mental Health & Early Parenting Relationships ONLINE course                           BOOK THIS COURSE NOW
  • Pregnancy and Hypnobirthing ONLINE (launch by 31st December 2020)
  • Our Emotional Health Needs MINI ONLINE COURSE (Launch date to be confirmed; estimated early 2021)
  • Keeping Children Mentally Healthy MINI ONLINE COURSE (Launch date to be confirmed; estimated early 2021)
  • Psychosocial stages of development MINI ONLINE COURSE (Launch date to be confirmed; estimated early 2021)