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Would you like to teach effective, easy to use techniques which will help women overcome fear, feel more in control and have a more positive childbirth experience?

Would you like to teach effective, easy to use techniques which will help women and men increase their chances of fertility and dealing with the psychological and emotional challenges of difficulties in conceiving?

Hypnosis and psychotherapy is also very effective support for the period of adjustment to becoming a parent both in pregnancy and in the postnatal period, and can assist in the transition to this exciting, but sometimes daunting, new phase in a man and woman's life.

The benefits of using hypnosis and psychotherapy for childbirth fertility and post natal mental health are renowned. There is an increasing demand for women wishing to use hypnosis to assist in conception and in childbirth, worldwide.

  • easibirthing® is a UK based model which was developed in conjunction with midwives and therefore complements UK birthing practices. It is designed as a flexible approach to adapt to each individual client; and to empower them to manage whatever course their birth experience takes.
  • easibirthing® receives nhs funding in parts of the country due to the evidence-base of this tried and tested model. There is currently a study awaiting publication by the NHS will see more than 800 first-time mothers undergo hypnobirthing trials in hospitals in Blackburn and Burnley, in order to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. This is thought to be the biggest ever of its kind worldwide.
  • easibirthing® is a registered trademark (the only one in the UK hypnosis for birthing world!) and therefore any practitioner using this trademark has been fully trained and qualified-a reassurance for the general public.
  • The CHBP, CHFP & CPNP qualifications are the only hypnosis for childbirth and fertility qualifications in the UK which are independently accredited (ie. by the nchp).
  • For more information visit hypnobirthing training information , hypnosis for fertility training information or post natal mental health training information

You can find out more about the easibirthing® service and practices across the UK and the world; and more about the founder, Sharon Mustard's own private practice in Salisbury Wiltshire at Find a practitioner



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