Testimonials |  26th Aug 2021

Capri-Ann's Home Birth Story

I am positive that the information we learnt from the course has enabled us to have the home birth that we planned. Being our first child, everyone told us to expect to be transferred but luckily this didn't have to happen. With the hypnosis it taught me to be calm and to look forward to labour rather than to fear it. When my waters went at 37+5 weeks I was excited. My contractions didn't start for many hours but after listening to the hypnosis tracks, they started to become regular and very strong. From this point i got in the pool and with the support of Ben and all that he had learnt at your classes, he was able to keep me calm, to talk me through the contractions and keep me focused. We both  stayed calm and the baby was born into such a calming environment that she didn't even cry. With all that you had taught us, i am able to say i enjoyed my birth experience and I am truly grateful that I was able to stay at home and be able to have such a relaxed, birth with little painrelief and no medical intervention.

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