News |  26th Jan 2015

Congratulations to Emily and Ben on the birth of their baby daughter Beatrice Olive on 15th December using hypnobirthing techniques in Salisbury

Hi Sharon,
I wanted to thank you for introducing us to hypnobirthing, it all worked perfectly for me and gave me the birth I wanted. It kept me very calm when I was going well overdue and was threatened with induction, but thankfully I gave birth naturally to Beatrice Olive on 15th Dec, 13 days overdue and had a lovely birth in the pool at Salisbury hospital using only my hypnobirthing for pain relief. It worked wonders and I found the contractions very manageable by breathing through them. The midwives were quite surprised at how far advanced I was in labour as I was so in control and calm. I am currently telling all my pregnant friends about hypnobirthing and how amazing childbirth actually is. 

 Very positive, I managed the contractions very well listening to my hypnobirthing CDs even though the labour ward was too busy to accommodate me and the environment in the waiting ward was not optimal, I focused on all the tricks I learnt in the class. When the baby came out in the pool it was one of the most amazing experiences and I was so happy I hadn't had any pain relief to mask those feelings, I really feel it has helped me bond with my gorgeous baby. Childbirth was so much easier/calmer than I had been led to believe by friends and relatives, but I always believed I could do it naturally and decided to block out any negative stories.


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