News |  11th Jan 2017

Congratulations to Emma and Jamie on the birth of their baby boy at home in Salisbury on 19th December using hypnobirthing

Hi Sharon,

We had our son Rex on 19th December after a 10 hour labour.  He was born in the birthing pool at home with no pain relief apart from a tens machine.  He scored a 9 at 1 minute on the apgar test and then a 10.  Monitoring of his heart rate throughout the birth showed him to be very calm the whole time.  I would give a score of 9 for how in control I felt.

I don't think I could have done it without the hypnobirthing - I played the tracks throughout and drew on different visualisations and breathing techniques at different points. The hypnobirthing gave us both confidence and calmness in the birthing process, as well as a better understanding in what was happening and why and how to create an environment to encourage calmness. The midwives were brilliant and just let us get on with it- I even pulled the baby out myself and no stitches required!

I have been telling all my friends to try hypnobirthing as I really believe it changed my whole mindset towards birth and has made me a calmer person in general. Thank you very much for all your help with this!  I have also used the hypnobirthing post-birth to help with breastfeeding.

Thanks again Sharon.

All the best, 


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