News |  20th Sep 2016

Congratulations to Emma and John on the birth of their baby girl Olivia-Mae in February 2016 at Salisbury District Hospital using hypnobirthing

From the moment I went into labour I was extremely relaxed, I even sent John to football as I knew it could be a long wait! I found it easier to be by myself initially at home so I could zone out and relax using all the breathing techniques taught at your classes. On arrival at hospital I wasn't dilated but through being relaxed I managed to get myself fully dilated in 2 hours. The hospital said I laboured well and pushed perfectly and if it wasn't for the umbilical cord the 2nd stage would have been a lot quicker.  John was very good understanding that I liked the quietness and to let me go into my own world while labouring. I could hear him chatting to the midwife but because I was in my own world it felt like I was in a different room listening through a door.

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