News |  8th Oct 2019

Congratulations to Emma and Simon who welcomed their baby daughter at Salisbury District Hospital on 21.9.19

Hello Sharon, 

Thank you, our daughter was born almost 2 weeks late on the 21st September with the help of an induction, she was a healthy 8lb 10oz.
The midwives at Salisbury were absolutely fantastic, with the help of Hypnobirthing and a pool birth I had the best birthing experience I could have asked for. 
I didn’t use the hypnobirthing tracks during labour but I definitely used the techniques I had been practicing during the lead up to birth day. At times I’m sure they were being used without even thinking about it, at no point was I fearful and managed the whole labour on 6 paracetamol and 20 minutes of gas and air. 

Induced, so fairly controlled and quick. I had been told that induced births were more painful, not that I previous experience to compare it to but I found that the pain of contractions were bearable and I felt extremely calm. The midwives did everything they could to support the birth, the birthing pool was wonderful, with the assistance of calming music and low lighting in the room I felt very relaxed! The midwives allowed me to trust my own instincts and were not intrusive at all, my husband and I were very much in our own little bubble going through the process of birthing our daughter. 

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