News |  25th Jan 2016

Congratulations to Isabelle and Julian on the birth of their baby girl Vivienne born at Frome Birthing Centre using hypnobirthing techniques on 17/11/15

I have already recommended it to a number of my expectant mum friends and definitely think it's really an essential part in preparing for the birth process. I think it's a case of not underestimating how much hard work you will need to do but to be fully prepared for it mentally, emotionally as well as physically and to give yourself the confidence to 'tune in' to your birth fully without listening to the external distractions. The  in depth course for Easibirthing definitely contributed to this in a noticeable and positive way. It was also a really good way of helping the bond with my husband so that he could fully support me through the process and understand how I wanted to approach the birth. Although he did not do any practicing with me beforehand, the birth was real teamwork and he was rather impressed with how I handled it!:)

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