News |  31st Jan 2016

Congratulations to Isabelle and Julian on the birth of their baby girl Vivienne on 17th November at Frome midwife-led unit using hypnobirthing

As this was our second I knew at least what to expect but all the whlie was much calmer and confident throughout which I do believe was due to the breathing techniques learned in the course and practice. My contractions started at 7pmisn at home. I had my audio sessions on headphones and felt I could cope/breathe through the contractions easily. I then had a show about 9pm so thought it was time to go to Frome-a 20min drive from home. On examining me the midwife said I was already 8cm dilated on arrival! Things moved really quickly, with the 2nd stage lasting about 10mins and little Vivi arrived at 10.30pm. I had no drugs or even time to get in the birth pool which I had hoped for as she was born before they could fill it up!

I didn't really use much of the visualisation techniques when it came to it as it all happened so fast, but I did have a better picture in my mind of how things were happening particularly when she was in the birth canal, crowning and head was emerging. It was at this point I managed to keep calm and relax and I'm pretty sure that's how I ended up with no stitches as I wasn't apphrehensive of the strethcing or tearing and I was consciuosly telling myself to 'trust my body' to get on with it and do the right thing. This was something I wasn't able to do with my first birth and probably contributed to having an assisted delivery with forceps.

The whole experience was exhilarating and I was on a totally natural high when she was born. Although we had a really comfortable night stay with a double bed I could not sleep a wink as I was so wired and full of adrenalin, utterly chuffed that it had all gone as well as I could have hoped for and that she was here snuggled in my arms.

I have already reccomended the course to a number of my expectant mum friends and definitely think it is a really essential part of preparing for the birth process. I think it is a case of not underestimating how much hard work you will need to do but to be fully preapred for it mentally, emotionally as well as physically and to give yourself the confidence to 'tune in' to your birth fully without listening to the external distractions. The indepth course for Easibirthing definitely contributed to this in a noticeable and positive way. It was also a really good way of helping the bond with my husband so that he could fully support me through the process and understand how I wanted to approach the birth. Although he did not do any practicing beforehand, the birth was real teamwork and he was rather impressed with how I handled it! 

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