News |  2nd Nov 2016

Congratulations to Jenny and James on the birth of their baby boy Harry on 30th July 2016 at Salisbury District Hospital using hypnobirthing

Absolutely incredible, the most empowering feeling. I have a new found respect for my body and for female strength.
Childbirth is a miracle, I am proud of myself, my body and my baby, we all worked together in harmony and the result was an experience I can look back on and draw strength from.
I feel because I stayed so calm I was able to have a much more straight forward birthing, even when faced with being constantly monitored and sat upright, because of hypno birthing I accepted the situation and felt safe, calm and in control.
Following your experience, would you recommend this course to other mums-to-be? Would you be interested in sharing your experience in the form of a written description/birth story or to other expectant mums and dads-to-be? 
Sharon your voice and my breath were my constant companion throughout my labour, my iPod was on constantly during initial stages and the hours melted away, I stayed cool, calm and in control, even when aspects of my birth plan did not go how I imagined I was able to calmly adapt. No screaming, swearing, crying or drama, just me, my husband, my midwife all quietly working together supporting my body. I have Sharon and hypno birthing to thank for building my mental strength throughout my pregnancy and giving me the power to ensure my body and baby had a positive experience.
I would be happy with your instruction to write my birth story and also note the help that hypno birthing gave me throughout my pregnancy as I practiced and went to "labour land" every day prior to being induced it supported me through all my additional scans, monitoring, negative consultant appointments and the endless "what if scenarios" constantly explained at every appointment, the tapes always allowed me to find a safe and calm place to escape to and block the negativity. I have no doubt in my mind that hypno birthing is the key to allowing woman to unlock the negative associations and uncertainties with labour and leaves space to enjoy the miracle that birth truly is.
Thank you so much Sharon, I honestly cannot recommend hypno birthing enough it transforms pregnancy and I would not want to imagine what my labour would of been like if I had not done the course. I attended the course initially to help with my phobia of hospitals, I could never of imagined just how instrumental the tapes would be on my journey to motherhood.
I also know that the course prepared James for childbirth and gave him strength to support me, he stayed so calm, supportive and repeated the word calm throughout contractions and fully added to my positive experience. He ensured my wishes were met and had confidence to ask questions and support me every step of the way.

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