News |  30th Mar 2014

Congratulations to Lucy and Mark on the birth of baby Samuel; official labour 24 minutes!

Hi Sharon,

I just wanted to update you on our news. Samuel Isaac Stanley Dawson was born at home on Saturday 1st March at 7.43 pm.

Although it was the home birth we were after it was a little different to the one I had imagined! Although I had been having contractions all afternoon, I thought it was false labour as they weren't that painful and weren't progressing beyond 1 in every 8-10 minutes.  I walked the dog at 4.30 pm and was in the bath with Freya, our eldest daughter, at 6.45 pm, an hour before Samuel was born.

After Mark put Freya to bed, I got out of the bath and my waters promptly broke. After that my body went immediately into push mode so I got Mark to call an ambulance as I knew Samuel was on his way.

As Mark let in the paramedics downstairs, I birthed Samuel's head upstairs, and the rest of his body quickly followed as the first paramedic came into the bedroom. He is healthy and well and I'm happy we could stay at home and didn't need to transfer to the hospital for any additional checks.

I had a visit from the midwife today and she asked me how I felt about the birth. In answer, I feel pretty proud. I always believed it is possible to give birth at home, naturally, with no intervention, and that's exactly what we did. I had been listening to your CDs religiously and I'm sure they had a great part to play in building this belief and helping me keep relaxed and confident about the whole birthing experience.

Once again many thanks for your help

Best regards

Lucy Dawson

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