News |  2nd Jul 2015

Congratulations to Tora and Peter on the birth of their baby son Wilbur on 19th June at Salisbury District Hospital using hypnobirthing techniques

Hi Sharon
Wilbur Snell was born on 19th June at 20:39 by C-section.  All went very well and the team at Salisbury were faultless, they made the whole experience simple and stress free, we were very lucky to be in such good hands.
The surgeon who delivered Wilbur said my uterus was significantly bi-cornate and unlikely we would have turned him.
It all turned out well in the end and we have a very content, happy and healthy little boy who is a dream to look after and lets us get some sleep at night which is a bonus!
Your hypno birthing techniques came in useful at various occasions, particularly when we found out is was going to be a planned section and all I wanted was a homebirth - used the anchoring and found that helped me keep a grip on it all.
Fingers crossed that child number 2 is more obliging when it comes to delivery!

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