News |  7th May 2015

easibirthing method in Portugal

In April 2015, Sharon Mustard took the easibirthing®method to Lisbon in Portugal. 24 enthusiastic hypnotherapists are the first to introduce easibirthing® to Portuguese women to empower them to have a safer, easier and more comfortable birth. We anticipate the alliance with Portugal will continue well into the future and the easibirthing® training will be welcoming many more hypnotherapists there in the coming years. Thank you to the AHCP - Associação de Hipnose Clínica de Portugal for inviting me and making me so welcome. Special thanks to Rusa ans Susana who were excellent translators.               Below is the AHCP's evaluation of the training:

It is with great satisfaction that the Ahcp announces the formation of the first 24 hipnoterapêutas in the easibirthing®. method in this international training. Having this pioneered in Portugal, makes it possible to prepare pregnant women by using techniques such as self-hypnosis, relaxation and visualisation, so that these allow a natural birth to become your reality, being a partner to nature.

Whether you have your baby at home or in hospital, pregnant women have the right to make informed choices as to how to prepare and what kind of medical interventions (use of epidural, for example) you with to agree to.

This is a technique extremely beneficial for those who wish to remain calm and in control during the process of childbirth (natural or cesarean section), also having benefits for mother and child after the birth.

To all those involved our congratulations! Success!!

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