Testimonials |  26th Aug 2021

Hannah's Hospital Birth Story

I felt I really needed to let you know my news, Evie Rose was born on Tuesday 15th June at Salisbury hospital using Hynobirthing.
I had been practicing every other day by listening to your CDs and felt that this was a great aid to embed a sense of calm into my subconscious as I felt confident and in control at all times about my birth.
Well, where do I start on Tuesday morning around 8 am I woke with slight discomfort which became repetitive throughout the morning however with no such pattern and the fact I felt I could go about my usual day I thought maybe it was just Braxton Hicks contractions.
I was due my usual checkup with the midwife at 1.30 pm that day so thought I would just let her know then.  After having a contraction in front of my midwife and showing no real discomfort she just put it down to Braxton Hicks and to just go home and carry on as usual and that even if it was the real thing it may continue like this over the next few days. I returned home about 2 pm and for the next 2 hours, they continued with no pattern so I just had a bath and relaxed and listened to your CD.
By 4 pm they began to come on slightly stronger and began a regular pattern of 1 every 5 minutes but still I was able to continue through the pain, then at 5pm, I had my show so I thought I better contact the hospital as I then realised this was the real thing, I had a contraction on the phone to the midwife at the hospital however she reassured me I had a while to go and that if I came in I may well be sent home again.  At this point, I felt I had lost a lot of blood so insisted I came in.
As I was getting into the car my waters then broke so I knew I was doing the right thing. During the car journey, I started doing my visualisations and breathing techniques and remained calm throughout.
We arrived at Salisbury hospital at 6.15 pm I then walked from the car park to the delivery room contracting along the way, once on the bed I was examined to be told I was already fully dilated and could start pushing on my next contraction!!
The midwife could not believe it and said that she had never experienced a woman walking into the delivery room fully dilated and couldn't believe how calm and in control I was especially for a first-birth mum.
I then pushed using the hypnobirthing techniques I learned from you and had practiced since and was able to deliver without any drugs whatsoever, Evie Rose was born at 8.10 pm that very night!!! The midwife was shocked at how my heart rate remained normal and calm throughout as well as Evie's heartbeat. I must tell you it was such an amazing experience so smooth and natural and so quick, in total I was in labour for just 7 hours!! 
You are a God in my eyes Sharon! and I can not thank you enough for helping me to be able to have that experience.  I can't believe how far I have come from being petrified of the birth and so frightened of hospitals, overnight I became a celebrity at the hospital with several midwives coming in to introduce themselves and ask me how I did it and how lucky Sue (the midwife who helped with delivery) was to have experience it first hand.
I am an advocate of Hypnobirthing and would love to share my experience based on your teaching with anyone whom you feel would be appropriate.
Thank you again,
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