News |  13th Dec 2021

How to manage our child’s emotional health around the excitement of Christmas…and manage our own!!

There are an increasing number of big ‘C’ words in our lives today that can cause huge stress-and ‘Christmas’, if we allow it, can be right up there with the best of them!

In the weeks and months leading up to it, we leave the safe shores of wanting it to be as enjoyable as possible as we slip further and further into the fantasy of it being perfect.

Unfortunately this creates an unrealistic illusion and we leave ourselves destined to be disappointed.

When you have children, of any ages (including adult children), we want everyone to get on, have a great time, be appreciate of how fortunate we all are, be kind and courteous to all family members (no matter how annoying they may be!). In our constructed ideology, there is no room for conflict or emotions such as sadness or anger.

Then the reality falls fall from our perfect picture and we feel let down, exhausted and ready for a holiday as soon as it all ends.

As psychotherapists and hypnotherapists in our 26th year in practice, we expect the familiar pattern of referrals about difficult family relationships to once again show a sharp increase in January. Coupled with the personal shame and guilt often accompanying overindulgence-we seek to blame others for ruining the fantasy, or even internalise it to blame ourselves..a perfect storm for it not being the “new year, new start” we all hope for.

So I want to share with you 10 tips and tricks you can do to help manage the emotional health of our children around the excitement of Christmas, and help us to do the same and this year come out smiling!











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