News |  6th Apr 2022

Hypnobirthing for Caesarean section the easibirthing® ONLINE course (4 hours)

Is hypnobirthing only applicable to vaginal deliveries?

A resounding NO from the team at easibirthing® !For too long the debate has solely been centred around whether a vaginal birth or C-section is the optimal mode of delivery for both you and your baby. And whilst that debate is important, it often misses the point of providing the woman with the full psychological support regardless of the decision.Even this debate played out publicly across the media and society can leave a woman who needs or wants a C-section feeling inadequate, feeling her body is inadequate somehow and guilt and shame can result. Sadly this guilt and shame can be in the foreground of her experience, even if the birth experience she wanted was far from the scenario of a necessary or recommended C-section. These women need all the support we can muster, to let go of any guilt, that this is not only not her fault but the reassurance that it is okay, that this doesn’t change the fact that she is still having her baby, giving birth to her baby, becoming a mum to her baby. That she has every reason to feel proud of herself and her body. That sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and to forgive herself because there is nothing to forgive!

With the launch of our new 'Hypnobirthing for C-section' course, we really want to generate discussion as to how women and birth partners need and deserve our hypnobirthing support as therapists just as much as someone planning a vaginal birth.

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