Testimonials |  26th Aug 2021

Kat and Jon's hospital birth story

After our refresher session I managed to listen to your recordings quite a few times before the due date.  On the due date I went for a check up with the midwives who said that I was measuring small (having previously been normal) and should go to the hospital to be checked and scanned to see what was happening.  We found out that I had low amniotic fluid and so therefore they recommended I had an induction on the following Monday (it was a Friday). Over the weekend I listened to your recordings, ate lots of curry and did quite a bit of walking to try and get things moving naturally and did feel a few cramps during the nights but nothing major.
On Monday evening at about 5pm we  went to the (really busy) labour ward in Salisbury and waited quite a long time to be seen.  Despite the noises around me (loud screams etc) I went into a very relaxed state and listened to some music that made me happy.  When they examined me they found they were able to pop the waters at about 9 pm to see if they could get things going naturally.  They did that and Jon and I went for lots of walks around the hospital but nothing happened so at about 11 pm they recommended putting me on the drip which we did and slowly the contractions started up and sped up pretty quickly!  They were pretty powerful and although I wasn't able to be in water or move around very much due to being on the drip and categorised as high risk due to the low amniotic fluid I focused inwardly and on my gas and air.  I used various visualisations although it was mostly a blur and concentrated on my outbreath - long and slow.  It ramped up and up but I remained calm and felt like I trusted my midwife and thought about the outcome, and continued to focus on the gas and air and my breathing and any instructions I was given.  When it came to the pushing bit it was over quite quickly, it was only a few concerted pushes and she was out and on my chest and near perfect.  I was so relieved and delighted that she was a healthy baby girl and we decided that all of our previous names didn't suit her - that she should be a Rose.
Once again Sharon, thank you so much for all your help.  I really feel like it gave me that extra bit of inner strength and belief I needed.  Sorry it's taken this long to respond, today is the first day Rory has been at nursery and I've had a bit of time to myself!  I hope all is well, we are thoroughly enjoying getting to know Rose, she is incredibly calm and came out that way and has been like that ever since, cuddly and calm and enjoys sleeping at night, breastfeeding and recovery post birth has all gone brilliantly too this time so we're very lucky!  Rory is enjoying his new little sister too.
All the best,
Kat, Jon, Rory and Rose xxx


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