Testimonials |  26th Aug 2021

Mariane's Elective Caesarean Birth Story


Thank you very much-we can only say a HUGE ‘thank you’ for your help and support – the birth of our 7.11 pound baby boy, Llewelyn, was a wonderfully happy experience in which we both found ourselves amazingly calm, aware and very connected to each other and our little boy. The experience was further enhanced (rather surprisingly!) by Tina Turner belting out Nut Bush City Limits on the theatre radio the moment we heard his voice for the first time!

Baby is very healthy and a perfectly well behaved, John is on a high and my health is so good the midwife commented on it in my hospital paperwork when I did not feel the need for pain killers on day 2. My blood loss during surgery was also noted to be on par to that of women giving birth naturally. A testament to Mr Fountain’s excellent skill too.

Overall a very positive experience and one all of us will cherish forever. Thank you again for the huge part you had to play in making it possible. I will certainly pass it on to other women with similar concerns over natural birth and that there are equally safe and viable alternatives available.

Best wishes to you.

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