News |  9th Jul 2015

Michel Odent on BBC breakfast talking about enabling women to give birth

Michel Odent, a pioneer in changing how we think about birth, talking on BBC Breakfast this morning at 8.59 about how we can enable women to believe in their power to give birth. He is calling for a change in the way we think about having babies.  Our culture has been telling us for thousands of years that we are not capable of the process of giving birth and subsequently we have lost confidence in our bodies. Many scientific disciplines, like epigenetics, are now proving that the period of birth is critical in the formation of human beings. As a result of the focus on medical intervention, a women's basic needs at this crucial time are in danger of not being met. They are the fundamental needs of protection, security, and the ability to switch off the neocortex (the thinking brain). easibirthing seeks to give women and couples back their confidence.

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