Testimonials |  26th Aug 2021

Michelle's Hospital Birth Story

My husband Chris and I felt like we had to contact you after the birth of our son. To be totally honest we were both sceptical about the hynobirthing but after the experience we had with our first child we thought we’d give it a try as we had nothing to lose.

Firstly this time he turned using the cd’s, then Joseph was born healthy and naturally with no pain relief last week in a shorter labour than I had with our eldest.

The experience was completley different and I amazed myself with what I was able to cope with, even with a long second stage ‘pushing’ (as he had his head in the wrong position). I didn’t panic and baby stayed calm throughout. He is now a calm, amenable baby that is different to how my eldest was.

We just wanted to say a massive thankyou for what you taught us, as we are so pleased with how well it worked we wanted to show our support and appreciation of hypnobirthing by giving you feedback on our experience.

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