Testimonials |  26th Aug 2021

Miyuki's Hospital Birth Story

I was hoping to inform you this earlier, but it’s been a busy but very exciting weeks!

Michael and I are proud parents of a beautiful girl, Alice Erika Griffin. Alice arrived at 6.49 pm on 14th February (Valentine’s Day!), weighing 7 lb 15 oz (3,620 g), after 16 hours of labour. She has loads of Japanese black hair!

We managed with ‘gas and air’ and a birthing pool (although I had to come out just before the 2nd stage due to the water supplied to the pool was not so clean).  I tried to follow the breathing technique learned from you (at least during the 1st stage labour) and it was amazing how much I was able to control and stay calm during the contractions.

During the 2nd stage labour, I could not quite control myself, but just went along with the body’s natural urge of pushing and meeting my baby. It was such a joy to pick up my baby by my arms and hold her on my chest at the end.

I am very pleased that I attended your sessions – hypnotherapy provides life-time skills for controlling your body and mind in any stressful situation. I am now prepared to face the challenge of being a mum!

Many thanks again xx


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