Testimonials |  26th Aug 2021

Nicky and Richard's Hospital Birth Story

The Hypnosis for Childbirth course significantly helped me before, during and after the birth. We are now the proud parents of a very relaxed and contented little girl.
As my induction day was fast approaching I started feeling apprehensive and worried. This became worse as my Consultant told us that I was unable to have a water birth and that I needed to be monitored throughout the birth. My apprehension was also increased as I rarely felt the baby kicking and on one occassion the midwife sent me straight to the hospital as she was unable to find the baby's heart beat.
We were then introduced to Sharon on a Hypno Birthing introduction night. During that session I relaxed completely and as I relaxed I felt the baby move. The evening was so positive that we signed up immediately for the course, it was the best thing in respect of the birth we could have done. The courses were brilliant and the CDs helped my to relax up to and including the day of the induction.
Due to the information and techniques we learnt on the Hypnosis for Childbirth course and the CDs both my birth partner and I were able to enjoy the birth. The hypno birthing installed a confidence in me that I could do it. It also reminded us to enjoy ourselves. The course also gave my birth partners confidence about his role. I was induced Monday morning and delivered Baby Isobel safely 6pm the next evening. I had over 24 hours of contractions. By relaxing and breathing correctly I was able to deliver Isobel with just the use of the Tens Machine and Gas and Air. Both my birth partner and I really enjoyed the whole experience and both agree that it was the hypno birthing that significantly contributed to this enjoyment. We were able to relax and enjoy the whole experience, right from walking around the hospital during the early stages to induce the labour through to taking the first photos of the baby.
The hypno birthing CDs also helped after the birth. I was having problems sleeping and relaxing once we got Isobel home. My Midwife recommended that I listened to the Hypno Birthing CDs. These helped significantly and as soon as I heard Sharon's voice on the CDs I was able to relax again and since then been able to sleep much better.
Both my birth partner and I would like to thank Sharon very much for helping us enjoy the birthing experience so much and for ensuring that the birth was so special and gave us happy memories that we can treasure for the rest of our lives.

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