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Sharon's Hospital Birth Story

Well what can I say I woke in the morning of the 7th feeling different somehow. I was at home that day from work just sorting paperwork supposedly 9 days before my due date. I wasn't worried as had convinced myself as being an older first time mum, at 44, I would likely go full term and then be induced, as high risk you are not allowed to go long past this date and all the conversations sort of Drew me to this conclusion with most first babies coming late.
So started doing my sorting and started leaking as if I was incontinent nothing much just had to go to the loo a lot, and as I felt different rang my husband just to say to stay close to the phone that day. The morning progressed and started getting what I would describe as bad period pains, I never normally get these so assumed that is what they would feel like. Husband rang home to say he could work from home that afternoon if he wanted me to but I said leave it an hour and see how we go as I was feeling fine. Well leaking continued and pains began to stop me from doing what I wanted so rang husband and said come home just in case. I also rang the hospital at this time just to see what they thought of the pains as I didn't have a clue really.
12.15 I am speaking to the labour ward and they ask, have your waters broken yet? I say no just a bit of leaking and then oh hold on a moment, got to the toilet, just and gush, yes that have just broken.....
They explain that I can go 18 hours before they would need to do anything and to ring back at 9pm to let them know how I am going if no change. Husband gets home at about 1pm to find me pacing a lot and now having to breath through what must be a contraction but pain not excruciating and very manageable so wasn't even sure if it was full contractions. And only place able to get comfy..sat on the loo.
Contractions getting closer together and about 1.30pm rang the labour ward again and to ask, sounds silly I know, how long people wait before it is necessary to go in, and of course they said everyone has a different pain threshold so when you really can't cope anymore or contractions are closer together. At this point mine were probably every 15 mins so I thought but husband was timing them and saying they were getting much closer than that and I was definitely in labour. For me as the pain was not that bad thought I couldn't be!!! 
Well husband kept saying we should go in, but I was like, no they need to tell me to, so rang the hospital again about 2.15pm. Had a contraction whilst on the phone and yes contractions coming every 5mins....so response yes you had better come in. Had thought about taking some painkillers prior to this but never got round to it.
So load the car and then time for me try and sit in front seat, no that's no good really uncomfortable and then little one decides I want to push, so what next, oh yes the funny bit!! I get out the car another contraction leaning against the car in road husband is going you are going to have to move there is a tractor coming! Now how to get in car, at this point I was thinking we are not going to make it! So yes only thing for it the only way I can travel is lead on the back seat.... 2.30pm we are off.
I guess the next bit is where the hypnosis really kicked in as all the, bumpy way there, every contraction I was having to focus on don't push, you can't push just yet, breath, relax think of that happy place.... It worked.
We reached the labour ward at 2.50pm lucky husband is a calm character and can manoeuvre in traffic well, as really concerned about the roadworks on the Harnham roundabout. On the Monday of that same week it had taken me over half an hour to get through them after hospital check up.
Anyway taken down and urge to push saying don't push don't push and midwife comes in and says let's have a look at you, so hop on the bed, yeah ok not hop, and she says oh you can push if you want to...
3.40pm our beautiful little girl is born, with only one small internal tear which was stitched because we came home but probably wouldn't have been if I had stayed in. The midwives said it was text book and I must have walked her out.
So not checked in, not changed my clothes, no drugs, didn't even get to unpack my bag of snacks, music, pillow everything you are recommended to take,  she was coming anyway. 
As the birth went so well we were told we could come home that same day if we wanted and that's exactly what we did 10pm we were a family of 3 at home!
As this was my first difficult to say how the hypnosis helped as I have nothing to compare it to,  but I am sure it did, helping me breath and not panic and not focus on the pain. And I couldn't have asked for a smoother birth, thankfully my little one was only 6lb so a wee one not sure how we would have gone otherwise but maybe that will be my next story.....
Hope this helps and again apologies for late response birth was quick but been catching up with myself ever since. I would definitely recommend this course and hope other mothers have births as straight forward and controlled as mine was using your techniques.
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