Testimonials |  26th Aug 2021

Steph and David's 2nd baby born with hypnobirthing at Salisbury District Hospital

Wonderful. It was everything I'd hoped for. It was so quick, I didn't get chance to listen to all of my MP3s or have a water birth (I did have a bath at home though!). I really only just made it to hospital in time for the birth, so there was no chance of them filling up a pool! But I was able to stay at home right up until the last minute and, thanks to Sharon, all of my contractions were totally manageable and the breathing techniques were an absolute godsend. A testament to that, is that I didn't realise quite how far my labour had progressed. If I had, I'd probably have got to the hospital a bit sooner!! 

I felt confident and empowered, which was an incredible feeling, and I stuck with my wish of having no physical examinations. I stayed upright the whole time, which really helped move things along, and I just went into 'the zone'. I didn't even have to push! I just worked with my breath and let my body push my daughter out naturally. Until the last minute when her shoulder got a little stuck, so I had to hop up on the bed and push, which is when the tear happened. 

After giving birth the first time and having a rather horrendous experience, I was terrified of doing it again. But Sharon gave me all the tools I needed to relax, breathe and take control of what happened to me. I actually enjoyed my second labour! Can you believe it!?

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