News |  13th May 2022

Support for new parents during pregnancy and childbirth. Yes the pregnant mum, but Dads too!

Dr Andrew Mayers of Bournemouth University has conducted a research study looking specifically at how men feel about the support they receive during their partner's pregnancy. At easibirthing® and parenting, we completely believe the study's reported feelings of exclusion in the whole process and pregnancy and birth can be extended to any non-birthing parent regardless of gender. Our clients often report feeling sidelined or their needs ignored.

Given how prevalent post natal depression and anxiety can be amongst new parents, regardless whether they have given birth or not, it is time as a society that we give them to space and support to adjust during pregnancy and childbirth to help prevent adverse mental health beyond.

One of the key study outcomes was fathers feeling they are not getting enough recognition from healthcare professionals about how they might play an active role in supporting their partner’s mental health.

Faced with the circumstance of birth trauma, several participants reported not receiving any support or information regarding postnatal mental illness and how they could support their partner pre- or post-birth. Other participants stated that they would have benefitted from having someone to talk to about their situation.  

Fathers often felt alienated and are unclear regarding their role within maternity services. Many fathers reported feeling isolated and ignored during and following traumatic birth experiences, such as following an emergency caesarean section or any other deviation from a birth plan, especially if there is potential risk of harm, or death for the mother or child. 

At easibirthing® and parenting, our goal is to fully involve both expectant parents where possible and for the process of hypnobirthing for both labour, vaginal birth and c-section to be modes of delivery for their baby that they are equipped with the tools to adapt even when circumstances dictate the birth is not going accordingly to original plan. This way both parents enter this new phase of their life with confidence, calm and feeling positive about their birth experience. All the time knowing that the support of a therapist is available at hand should they need it.  

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