Testimonials |  26th Aug 2021

Vicky's Home Birth Story

My waters broke at midnight.  I felt very calm as had been using the techniques taught.  I spoke to Salisbury Hospital and they told me to come in as they needed to check whether baby was engaged and whether my waters really had broken.  I was discharged by Salisbury around 0200 hrs and told that I was not in labour and that the pain I was feeling was "pre labour niggles".  The midwife did not examine my cervix and when I asked if I was dilated she said no, not at all!!  She did not wish to examine my cervix due to the risk of infection.

I live 40 minutes away from Salisbury hospital so we drove home, very slowly with me having strong contractions in the car.  I could not speak to my husband as in too much discomfort and needed to concentrate on myself!  I continued using the techniques taught on the journey home.  I then went straight into the downstairs bathroom and within 10 minutes of arriving home baby was born.  No pushing and only an hour or so of pain/discomfort.  I didn't even get the chance to use the Tens machine which I had bought!!

I'm very proud of my husband as he remained calm at all times even when delivering/birthing our little one. 

This wasn't the birth I had envisaged as I had thought I would be in Salisbury Hospital having a water birth.  Ultimately I do feel let down by the midwife who saw me on the night as she should have examined me properly after I complained of pain.  However I think after this experience we can do anything including birthing our own baby! 

However in summary a good news story.  I would never ever have believed that it would be possible to give birth at home without any medical assistance especially as we were all booked in for a hospital birth.  I had been having scans every 2 weeks since the 20 week scan due to the size of the baby  So a home birth was out of the question.

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