Testimonials |  26th Aug 2021

Vicky's Hospital Birth Story

So after a few pains and some bleeding (2 days after a UTI diagnosis) I came back into hospital last night at 10pm and was asked to stay in for 24 hours to monitor heart beat and blood loss... a few hours later at 3.59am today we welcome a little cutie into the world at 33weeks and 2 days weighing 4lb and 2oz
He’s doing so well, in incubator but currently breathing unaided, bloods etc all spot on!!!!!
AND NO DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!
You are a miracle worker.... I have no idea how you did it as I’ll admit I hadn’t done much homework yet as I thought I’d have quite a bit more time but you did it and I will recommend you and hypnobirthing to everyone I ever talk to 😍😍😍😍😍
Thank you so so much for all your help x x

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