News |  20th Apr 2020

Why would the Post Natal Mental Health and Early Parenting Relationships ONLINE training be right for me and my therapy practice?

The world is currently facing global challenges in the fight against corona virus. Never in most of our lifetimes have we experienced such disruption, and - dare I suggest it - collective trauma. As therapists and counsellors we are on the frontline to support people's mental health through this crisis and beyond.

Pregnant women and expectant fathers are facing alterations to maternity services that has left intended birth plans in disarray and feeling largely out of their control. Unfortunately this sets the scene for increased birth trauma, and the ongoing fallout for isolation and lack of access to support in the months ahead as new parents.

As therapists, many of our businesses are facing new challenges in changing the way we deliver our services to clients. We've been working really hard at 'easibirthing and parenting training' to focus on producing new content and resources ahead of schedule to support both therapists and clients through this current crisis.

Specialising in this area will give you the cutting edge in developing your business to face the challenges ahead. This course will equip you to stand out as the obvious expert in your field-not only for new parents but in working with emotional and mental health in the wider sense.

We firmly believe that the need for counsellors and therapists is going to be greater than ever. It's vital therefore that you keep your training up-to-date and indeed that you take advantage of the lockdown to use the time to build your skills for the future - you are much needed, both now and far into the future. Undoubtedly we will see a mental health crisis on the back of this medical crisis. 

The 'Post Natal Mental Course & Early Parenting Relationships' course launched on Friday 10th April.

Furthermore if you enrol on the FREE TASTER 'How to be a Good Enough Parent' course, you will receive an extra 10% off the full course price (that's 25% OFF in total!).

So treat yourself and your business. Enrol now at

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