Hypnobirthing & Giving Birth

  Hypnobirthing & Giving Birth

Watch our short video of women and men talking about their birth experiences after giving birth using the easibirthing hypnobirthing method

Hypnobirthing for a vaginal birth or a C-section

However you plan to give birth, vaginal birth or by C-section, giving birth represents the bridge towards becoming a new parent. Regardless of how you are feeling about your baby's birth, hypnobirthing is an effective way of you taking ownership of your experience and the decisions along the way.

The easibirthing® model can provide you with the confidence, competence and inspiration to have a positive birth experience in a truly unique and rewarding way regardless of the mode of delivery; even when it doesn’t go according to plan!

Hypnobirthing for labour and vaginal birth

On our ONLINE course or in LIVE sessions with a therapist, we train you to use self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing methods to prepare mind and body for giving birth.

easibirthing® hypnobirthing training will not only teach techniques such as relaxation for each stage but will also teach you how to manage sensations of pain and discomfort by re-programming the brain’s response to messages from nerve endings.

The easibirthing® method teaches you how to use hypnosis for pain management and aims to boost your trust in your body so you enter labour and your plans for a vaginal birth feeling calm, confident and in control.

This is about reaching a state of deep relaxation, maintaining perception of control over the process and developing a positive attitude.

Hypnobirthing is about changing your expectation of giving birth so that you help rather than hinder the physiological process, and develop valuable life skills for parenthood. The benefits of using hypnosis in childbirth are renowned. A wealth of experimental evidence validates the benefits.

We also recognise that labour can be unpredictable, and an emergency caesarean can be the right decision for some women and babies so our comprehensive hypnobirthing course will build your repertoire of techniques to deal with when it doesn't go according to plan.

If you would prefer your hypnobirthing training to be completed anytime, anywhere and at your own pace, have a look at our ONLINE Hypnobirthing for labour and birth course 

Hypnobirthing for Caesarean section

At easibirthing, we recognise that a C-section birth may be the right birth for you and your baby. Sometimes called elective or planned C-sections, there may be a medical reason why you are considering this option or you may have already made a personal choice.

Sometimes tokophobia or fear of childbirth can be your motivation. If this is the case, we can provide specific support for women with tokophobia. 

For too long the debate has solely been centred around whether a vaginal birth or C-section is the optimal mode of delivery for both you and your baby. And whilst that debate is important, it often misses the point of providing the woman with the full psychological support regardless of the decision.

Even this debate played out publicly across the media and society can leave a woman who needs or wants a C-section feeling inadequate, feeling her body is inadequate somehow and guilt and shame can result. Sadly this guilt and shame can be in the foreground of her experience, even if the birth experience she wanted was far from the scenario of a necessary or recommended C-section. We believe every woman deserves and can benefit from our support.

Where relevant to your emotional experience, this may involve letting go of any guilt, that a reason outside of your control is not only not your fault. You deserve the reassurance that it is okay, that this doesn’t change the fact that you are still having your baby, giving birth to your baby, becoming a mum to your baby. That you have every reason to feel proud of yourself and your body. That sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and to forgive yourself because there is nothing to forgive!

Our Hypnobirthing for C-section course is not about trying to change your mind, nor trying to convince you that another option should be considered. However through hypnobirthing we do want you to know what your rights are in making choices and decisions. Feeling ownership of decisions can be the make or break of having a positive birth experience, one that you can look back on with pride, fond memories, and confidence.

It is not about provoking shame and guilt, instead we acknowledge that in some circumstances this is the right mode of delivery for you and your baby.

This course is about building your confidence-in you, your body, your birth partner and the medical team around you.

If there are any feelings of guilt, shame or failure; it is about letting go of them and moving forward to be the parent you want to be.

Tokophobia and fear of childbirth

An untreated profound fear of childbirth can rule our life decisions-restricting the choices we feel are open to us about our future. Therefore it is highly recommended that you seek help whether you are currently pregnant or not.

Some people can be so afraid of giving birth that they delay pregnancy or avoid pregnancy altogether (both men and women can suffer from tokophobia). For some women it can lead to delaying having children for years, or even opting not to have children at all, despite longing to be a mother. 

Others, either intentionally or not, find themselves pregnant and living in abject fear of facing the phobic situation at the end of pregnancy. Due to suffering from extreme anxiety throughout pregnancy, some women terminate much longed-for pregnancies, even after assisted conception, because they cannot face giving birth. During pregnancy childbirth fear can be extremely incapacitating.  It can become difficult to bond with your baby and even be in denial of your changing body altogether.

If this describes you or someone you know, please contact us now for advice and support. You do not have to put up with feeling this way. We are here to empathise, listen to your concerns, take your fears seriously and ultimately to help you to overcome them.

"Hypnobirthing is right for you whether you are planning a vaginal birth or a C-section"

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To let you know that I gave birth to our little baby girl a couple of weeks ago. She arrived the morning of my birthday, and very quickly…Thankfully I’d had chance to put my hypnobirthing tracks on as my waters broke the night before, because there wasn’t much warning when my contractions started - she came before my midwife could get to us. I kept calm, confident and in control as I managed on my own until I had to call my partner, knowing that the baby was (remarkably) about to be born. My midwife was on speaker phone talking him through what to do; my body knew it’s part, and I trusted in all the work you and I had done as well as visualising my midwife with me at my son's birth. What a special moment. Charlotte

Feedback from a hypnobirthing mum who had an unexpectedly quick home birth

The Hypnobirthing for Practitioners 3 day Live Course in Salisbury was excellent. It was a very comprehensive, detailed and interactive course, with great course material and backed up by plenty of research. Sharon is a very engaging teacher and has a lovely manner. I have come away feeling thoroughly prepared, knowledgable and confident in my ability to support women on their birthing journey......

5 star review of 'Hypnobirthing for Practitioners' course at Salisbury

My husband Chris and I felt like we had to contact you after the birth of our son. To be totally honest we were both sceptical about the hynobirthing but after the experience we had with our first child we thought we’d give it a try as we had nothing to lose. Firstly this time he turned using the cd’s, then Joseph was born healthy and naturally with no pain relief last week in a shorter labour t...

Michelle's Hospital Birth Story

Sharon, Thank you very much-we can only say a HUGE ‘thank you’ for your help and support – the birth of our 7.11 pound baby boy, Llewelyn, was a wonderfully happy experience in which we both found ourselves amazingly calm, aware and very connected to each other and our little boy. The experience was further enhanced (rather surprisingly!) by Tina Turner belting out Nut Bush City Limits on the the...

Mariane's Elective Caesarean Birth Story

I never felt so powerful. I felt like I could conquer the world! I was loving it all!

Kerry and Pepe's Birth Quote

Thank you for all your help, the c-section went very smoothly and I managed to stay calm throughout.

Kitty and Will's Birth Quote

Hospital has labour listed as spontaneous 59min labour. The funny coincidence is that he was born at 23:59pm and each night Roxy had been listening to the Hypno CDs in the bath at around midnight :) Thank you for everything the course really helped us embrace and look forward to a natural birth.

Richard and Roxy's Birth Quote

Very positive, empowering, happy, exciting, emotional, bonding. An extremely positive memory.

Naomi's Birth Quote

Amazing-nothing could have prepared me for such a beautiful experience & to have the opportunity to deliver and meet Amelia without any sense of fear of the process was incredible-thank you so much.

Shelley's Birth Quote

Hypnotherapy provides life-time skills for controlling your body and mind in any stressful situation. I am now prepared to face the challenge of being a mum!

Miyuki's Birth Quote

The hypnobirth course helped me tremendously as I remained extremely calm & focused throughout the labour & delivery. I found the whole birthing experience amazing & found that positive thinking throughout the labour helped me towards this.

Julie's Birth Quote

A wonderful birth. Waterbirth with only 1g paracetamol and baby was born after 4 hours of arriving at the labour ward. Having a good birth made me stronger post birth and just able to get on with motherhood.

Joanne's Birth Quote

This was my fourth baby and the best/easiest labour and birth experience by far.  I'm very happy with how it went.

Kelly's Birth Quote

I was really lucky with my labour experience - drug free and natural delivery.  The breathing played a big part so thank you.

Emma's Birth Quotes

My body pushed her down on it's own within the next 2 hours and then it took me 10 minutes to deliver her - the 'pushing experience' was as perfect as it could be - I have very pleasant and positive memories of it.

Caroline's Birth Quote

My son Bobby, is 4 in April and I will always remember his birth as wonderful, your course was the best thing I ever did Sharon!

Claire's Birth Quote

I gave birth all by myself without help, which genuinely feels like an absolutely massive achievement.

Julia's Birth Quote

Amazing! My midwife’s comment was "textbook home birth".

Luci's Birth Quote

Natural, baby led with me remaining focused & controlling my anxiety levels.

Briana's Birth Quote

Perfect. Everything we wanted it to be. Felt relaxed throughout. An amazing experience.

Claire's Birth Quote

Wonderful, amazing-a testimony to hypno & faith!

Joandi's Birth Quote

Long, enjoyable, amazing, calm and trauma-free! But hard work.

Claire's Birth Quote

An absolute essential-as necessary as a birth plan. I couldn’t birth without this course in my armoury.

Kelly's Birth Quote

Something powerful, fills me with pride, breathtaking.

Ulrike's Birth Quote

I feel very lucky to have had the sort of birth people dream about.

Lucy's Birth Quote

Amazing, exhilarating experience. I have never felt so proud of myself!

Debbie's Birth Quote


Shirley's Birth Quote

More than I could have hoped for. After a difficult labour with 1st baby-very proud of myself!

Rosie's Birth Quote

A wonderful experience: calm, in control and a beautiful time to cherish for both Ben and I.

Zam's Birth Quote

Positive, quick, empowering.

Rona's Birth Quote

I knew exactly what to expect and was able to imagine what was happening. Felt calm during labour and know I can do it again.

Amanda's Birth Quote

A wonderful experience that made me feel very proud. It was easy, stress free and very calm.

Kelly's Birth Quote

Very moving, amazing bringing our baby into the world. Strengthened mine and my husband’s relationship, we were a fantastic team.

Sarah's Birth Quote

Fantastic-would love to do it again.

Claire's Birth Quote

Excellent! Quick & not without drama as baby got stuck (shoulders) but never frightened or worried.

Celine's Birth Quote

Exactly as I wanted it. Calm, safe, controlled.

Hannah's Birth Quote

It was so quick and easy they didn’t even have time to give me an ID tag!

Nicky's Birth Quote

It was just brilliant. Everything I’d hoped for, thank you. It truly was a lovely journey that he and I made together. The bonding has been so much better and I’m loving it all. Absolutely brilliant. It was my perfect birth experience for me and my baby-thank you.

Kirsty's Birth Quote

A wonderful marathon, with a perfect prize at the end!

Fiona's Birth Quote

Absolutely fantastic. I would do it again tomorrow. Thank you so much Sharon.

Rebecca's Birth Quote

My experience was beautiful! This was also echoed by the midwife & my mum & stepfather who were also present.

Megan's Birth Quote

Yep, totally positive…I was so scared until we had your sessions and you totally changed my outlook and attitude as a result, all went smoothly and we actually enjoyed it!

Margo's Birth Quote

It was very positive. It was slow but relaxed. My body knew what to do and I managed to relax enough to let it happen.

Kate's Birth Quote

Fantastic/amazing/awe inspiring/quick/painful but calm & in control.

Helen's Birth Quote

Having had a caesarean with my 1st child-this was very different & much more exhilarating & emotional when baby came out!

Lisa's Birth Quote

Fantastic, amazing. The most brilliant experience of my entire life.

Claire's Birth Quote

An amazing experience, really enjoyed second stage, surges of energy, rights of passage, great to feel baby progressing down birth canal.

Juliet's Birth Quote

Hard work, but amazing. Would do it again and again.

Sarah's Birth Quote

It was wonderful. I used the techniques throughout, Matthew was born in the birthing pool & it was an amazing experience.

Sandra's Birth Quote

Wonderful (as I had imagined and hoped), very positive.

Heather's Birth Quote

A definite step in the right direction-need more doctors/midwives to go thro’ it so they can actively support you. Used worship music to focus on, along with your breathing technique. So different from 1st time around.

Rebecca's Birth Quote

Infinitely better than expected considering most of my birth plan wasn’t possible. The midwives & doctors did not believe I was in active labour during the first stage as I was so calm. It was only when I was 8-9cm dilated that they were convinced. They said they had never seen anyone so calm and quiet. Thank you again for a fantastic course

Nicola's Birth Quote

Very empowering. I came away from both sessions feeling very positive. Calm, quiet and fairly swift. It was the birth experience I wanted. I stayed at home until 2hrs before he was born-Birth pool-No intervention.

Karen's Birth Quote

Although the birth did not go as planned the techniques helped me in the labour process and with coming to terms with the situation as it developed. Initially very calm and controlled, on the discovery of breech presentation I was very upset initially but feel the classes helped me accept that all situations that arise should be positively looked at and I am very happy that my baby is here well a...

Jayne's Birth Quote

An extraordinary, natural, humbling experience. Something I am very proud of and can’t wait to tell my daughter about!

Cindy's Birth Quote

Powerful but positive.

Claire's Birth Quote

Unique and wonderful.

Zam's Birth Quote

I was in control & not anxious-both baby & I had a much easier experience as a result. Other mums need to feel empowered like this!

Karen's Birth Quote

I was barely monitored as I was sent for a walk, which suited as I was feeling very nauseous, and when I returned I was having 1 minute contractions with 1 minute breaks and retrospectively was clearly in transition. (Had) Nothing at all not even Gas and Air. After I returned from the walk, I had only half an hour before I suddenly felt my waters go and a head appear, at which time it was time to...

Katie's Birth Quote

It was fantastic. One of the most positive experiences of my life. I have absolutely no doubt about the contribution that hypnosis made to making it such a wonderful event.

Robina's Birth Quote

Controlled, calm, pleasurable & very satisfying.

Lisa's Birth Quote

Far easier than I ever imagined. Painful but manageable. Rewarding, amazing, wonderful.

Kelly's Birth Quote

I have been meaning to e mail you for a few weeks to announce the safe arrival of Ella Zinnia Rose on the 10th January. How time flies. And also mainly to say thank you for your brilliant tuition. I ended up having Ella at home because I didn’t think I was in fully established labour as my contractions didn’t feel strong enough or last for very long. All thanks to the techniques you taught! I envi...

Kate's Home Birth Story

I was hoping to inform you this earlier, but it’s been a busy but very exciting weeks! Michael and I are proud parents of a beautiful girl, Alice Erika Griffin. Alice arrived at 6.49 pm on 14th February (Valentine’s Day!), weighing 7 lb 15 oz (3,620 g), after 16 hours of labour. She has loads of Japanese black hair! We managed with ‘gas and air’ and a birthing pool (although I had to come out ju...

Miyuki's Hospital Birth Story

Mark and I just wanted to email to let you know that our daughter- Rowan Jay arrived on 07/07/12 (2 weeks early!) after a very quick delivery! I thought the story of the birth might be a positive one to tell your groups in the future as the circumstances were far, far from my birth plan!! I woke up on Saturday 7th thinking my waters had broken but it was blood from my placenta as it had started t...

Beth's Hospital Birth Story

The news is that Romilly Violet arrived safely Sunday evening after a 2.5-hour labour (Stages 1,2 and 3) with NO pain relief except gas and air… except a LOT of pushing my index finger and thumb together! I had a massively long latent phase once more, which exhausted me utterly – but active labour itself was very quick. I have to say, Stage 2 (the pushing stage) wasn’t really bad at all – I found...

Julia's Hospital Birth Story

Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks so much for the Easibirthing techniques which I used for the birth of my second child. Using the breathing and visualisations I felt in control of the birth and was able to enjoy the whole experience.  My baby came into this world in a calm and relaxed atmosphere and the birth was less than 2.5 hours from start to finish which I think was helped by my bein...

Suzanne's Home Birth Story

My husband and I attended your easy birthing course back in July and I thought you may be interested to know my recent birth story as I am under no doubt that the techniques and general awareness learned over those couple of days contributed hugely to the positive experience of the birth of our son at the end of August. You may recall from our first conversation that I wanted to transfer from Swin...

Carla's Hospital Birth Story

I felt I really needed to let you know my news, Evie Rose was born on Tuesday 15th June at Salisbury hospital using Hynobirthing. I had been practicing every other day by listening to your CDs and felt that this was a great aid to embed a sense of calm into my subconscious as I felt confident and in control at all times about my birth. Well, where do I start on Tuesday morning around 8...

Hannah's Hospital Birth Story

With the birth of my son 3 years ago, through using hypnobirthing, and keeping focussed and calm, I had an amazing water birth with no assistance or drugs. I planned to do this again with Florence’s birth and thankfully did.

Carla's Birth Quote

Hi Sharon We had a little girl at the beginning of February - Florence Elizabeth. Birth was all very straight forward again thankfully. We are really enjoying having a baby around again.... 1hr 24mins (1st stage) and 2nd stage (pushing) was only 3 mins!! She shot out still in her waters! However I had contractions building up to the first stage for about 9 hours although this was all manageable....

Carla's Hospital Birth Story #2

 Due to 15 days overdue, I had an induction, baby turned back to back then caesarean. Throughout all I managed to stay calm using what was taught during hypnobirthing also baby stats stayed the same and baby was very calm.

Becci's Birth Quote

Hi Sharon I just wanted to update you with our news. Samuel Isaac Stanley Dawson was born at home at 7.43pm. Although it was the home birth we were after it was a little different to the one I had imagined! Although I had been having contractions all afternoon, I thought it was false labour as they weren't that painful and weren't progressing beyond 1 in every 8-10 minutes.  I walked the dog at...

Lucy's Home Birth Story

It was a great experience, if a little surprising. Our official labour time was 24 minutes - and no  noticeable transition at all (huzzah!) We also went for a physiological third stage - I'm pleased we did - if nothing else it gave me time to rest and have more skin-to-skin time with Samuel whilst we waited.

Lucy's Birth Quote

It was a natural birth in a water pool. Just some gas and air for pain relief. I found it easier than expected, managed not to tear and everybody was amazed by my performance.

Georgiana's Birth Quote

The Hypnosis for Childbirth course significantly helped me before, during and after the birth. We are now the proud parents of a very relaxed and contented little girl. As my induction day was fast approaching I started feeling apprehensive and worried. This became worse as my Consultant told us that I was unable to have a water birth and that I needed to be monitored throughout the birth. My appr...

Nicky and Richard's Hospital Birth Story

I had a baby girl, Cleopatra (Cleo) Evie Barrington on 29 August 2014 at 12.40pm in a pool room at SDH watching the pool being filled up as there had been no time for a water birth!   I was induced in the end as I was overdue and over 40! My due date was my 40th birthday and NICE guidelines say that no woman over 40 should be allowed to go overdue, most are induced on the due date. The thing was...

Catherine's Hospital Birth Story

Our boy Bryn Meredydd John David was born on Wednesday 10th September at 2pm weighing in at a hefty 9lb 2oz. The labour was relatively quick 9hrs 9mins from very start at home to arrival. Labour had to involve an epidural in the end as Bryn was slightly on the twist. The hypnobirthing really worked, cannot thank you enough, the medical team were astounded at how calm I was, so was I!

Susanna and Tom's Hospital Birth Story

To say that I’m squeamish is an under-statement. I first fainted at school when I was 5 after I went with a friend whilst she had some dressings changed. I’ve never been able to watch casualty or similar programmes and even hearing about metal getting into an eye in a technology lesson resulted in me fainting and landing on the floor. Hospitals make me feel queasy-on many an occasion, when visitin...

Selina's Hospital Birth Story

I had a wonderful water birth, under 6 hours from first contraction to him arriving. I can honestly say that I didn't feel any pain with contractions, I'm not going to lie and say I couldn't feel the when his head was coming out but that was only a few seconds on discomfort.

Sam's Birth Quote

Hi Sharon I attended your hypnosis course in June (I think!), just to let you know the great news Joshua John safely arrived on 11 August at 11.19pm weighing in at 7 pounds and 9 and half ounces. Due to your course which helped me I had him with just gas and air, unfortunately I was not able to deliver in the birthing pool and had to get out once it got to the pushing stage keeping me calm using t...

Sarah's Hospital Birth Story

Hi Sharon I just wanted to update you with our news. Samuel Isaac Stanley Dawson was born at home on Saturday 1st March at 7.43pm. Although it was the home birth we were after it was a little different to the one I had imagined! Although I had been having contractions all afternoon, I thought it was false labour as they weren't that painful and weren't progressing beyond 1 in every 8-10 minutes....

Lucy and Mark's Hospital Birth Story

Fabulous, was in control throughout and can remember it all clear as day, with very fond memories!

Jemma's Birth Quote

It was much easier than expected, I felt in control and aware of what was happening. I felt I could trust my body to do what was needed whilst I focused on relaxing. The baby was born, whilst I was preparing myself for the most difficult part!

Gina's Birth Quote

Both my birth partner and I would like to thank Sharon very much for helping us enjoy the birthing experience so much and for ensuring that the birth was so special and gave us happy memories that we can treasure for the rest of our lives.

Nicky's Birth Quote

Thank you so much for everything you did my mum and partner were amazing also, remembering what to say at the right time. Joshua was delivered and was very calm, stage 3 went very smoothly also and breast feeding was like a duck to water. Thank you again for helping me to experience the actual joy of giving birth.

Sarah's Birth Quote

Well what can I say I woke in the morning of the 7th feeling different somehow. I was at home that day from work just sorting paperwork supposedly 9 days before my due date. I wasn't worried as had convinced myself as being an older first time mum, at 44, I would likely go full term and then be induced, as high risk you are not allowed to go long past this date and all the conversations sort of Dr...

Sharon's Hospital Birth Story

When the baby came out in the pool it was one of the most amazing experiences and I was so happy I hadn't had any pain relief to mask those feelings, I really feel it has helped me bond with my gorgeous baby.

Emily's Birth Quote

I had some real concerns due to my first labour being aforceps delivery, but you enabled me to go ahead and find my innerstrength, whilst keeping  cool, calm and collected!  The power ofhypno-birthing is truly amazing, thank you!

Louise's Birth Quote

Interesting/unusual/amazing/exciting/slightly shocking//mixed emotions

Vicky's Birth Quote

My waters broke at midnight.  I felt very calm as had been using the techniques taught.  I spoke to Salisbury Hospital and they told me to come in as they needed to check whether baby was engaged and whether my waters really had broken.  I was discharged by Salisbury around 0200 hrs and told that I was not in labour and that the pain I was feeling was "pre labour niggles".  The midwife did not exa...

Vicky's Home Birth Story

The actual birth was amazing, listening to you with lights dimmed - it was so controlled and really one of the best experiences ever. 

Vey's Birth Quote

Thank you once again for the hypnobirthing...very much used with the birth of this little one. The birth didn't exactly go to plan but thankfully I was able to keep calm and when lost my focus I was able to get back to my calm place fast.

Sarah's Birth Quote

Thanks to your help I managed to stay calm and focused. I felt in control and the midwives did everything they could to heal the wounds of my last birth. It was a smooth and healing experience.

Dawn's Birth Quote

I'm amazed how calm I felt during labour & had the kind of experience I was hoping for. Thank you for all your help-it was as if you were in the room at times!!!

Louise's Birth Quote

We just wanted to let you know about the safe arrival of our beautifullittle boy Rowan. He was born last Friday at home, and weighed 8lb4oz.  We very happily managed to repeat the serene water birth we had withour daughter Seren, three and a half years ago. I have no doubt thathypnobirthing played a huge part in enabling this and we are so verygrateful to you.  It was also a much much quicker labo...

Luci's Hospital Birth Story

It was magical. We felt in control and very calm throughout. We were focused on meeting our baby and were able to concentrate on supporting each other.

Laura's Birth Quote

Amazing and perfect, could not have asked for better. Feel very, very lucky that we have had two fantastic homebirths and attribute that to two things - attending the hypnobirthing classes during both pregnancies and my stubbornness!

Luci's Birth Quote

 I felt calm and in control, without panicking as I would probably have done without the hypnosis training.  Able to deal with situations as they arose, and focus on the present moment, dealing with each contraction or situation at the time rather than worrying about what might or might not happen next.

Laura's Birth Quote

Hi Sharon Wilbur Snell was born on 19th June at 20:39 by C-section.  All went very well and the team at Salisbury were faultless, they made the whole experience simple and stress free, we were very lucky to be in such good hands. The surgeon who delivered Wilbur said my uterus was significantly bi-cornate and unlikely we would have turned him. It all turned out well in the end and we have a very c...

Tora's Hospital Birth Story

I was able to get to 7cms before we went to hospital.  Started at 22:30 on Saturday night and had delivered our new baby boy at 1pm on Sunday with just gas and air in the pool.   I was able to use the techniques in particular the colour of calm and tension which helped me to stay at home so long and then in delivery the flexible thermometer to breathe our baby out.  I only really had to actively...

Sophie and Derek's Hospital Birth Story

Positive, rite of passage into womanhood, supported, calm, relaxed, deep into myself, aware and in touch with own body and used visualisations a lot.

Emma's Birth Quote

Hi Sharon,   Following your course I continued listening to your tracks on a daily basis and found them extremely relaxing and they helped me to build up my confidence towards birth.    Here is our birth story   6 days after our due date the contractions started at 12 am on a Monday night, they carried on an got stronger and to help I had a TENS machine. This was followed with a couple of v...

Katja and Toby's Hospital Birth Story

Empowering, especially since we had the birth we wanted - waterbirth with hypnobirth

Katja and Toby's Birth Quote

A positive one, a water birth with battery operated candles, aromatherapy oils, both hypnobirthing tracks and a playist of inspirational upbeat tracks, calm and straightforward, hypnobirthing helped for the first stage of labour in particular, not quite so much for the latter part of the second stage but overall helped me to feel I was in control and empowered me to have faith in myself to give bi...

Louisa's Birth Quote

I listened to the mp3s in the days leading up to the birth and I believe mentally it helped me to go into labour calm and focused and not afraid as I had been previously in the earlier months. I just kept telling myself I could do this and that I had to do it and I did. I believe the course made me very determined.

Laura's Birth Quote

As this was our second I knew at least what to expect but all the whlie was much calmer and confident throughout which I do believe was due to the breathing techniques learned in the course and practice. My contractions started at 7pmisn at home. I had my audio sessions on headphones and felt I could cope/breathe through the contractions easily. I then had a show about 9pm so thought it was time t...

Isabelle's Hospital Birth Story

Fantastic – it was very intense but it was not at all scary. I could not have asked for a better birth.

Rachel's Birth Quote

My Birth Story: I did not enjoy my pregnancy at all. I did not have any complications but I felt very sick and had no energy. I was worried about birth because I felt I couldn’t cope with the pregnancy and how on earth was I meant to survive 24 hours + in labour if I couldn’t even walk up the stairs! I attended the hypnobirthing course at the suggestion of my midwife and on a recommendation from...

Rachel and Mark's Hospital Birth Story

We have some exciting news- baby India Beatrice Windell was born yesterday at 2pm weighing 6lbs14oz.  My waters broke at 4am in the morning, I went in to hospital at 9am & was already 5cm dilated with no pain relief, I then had the injection in my leg to help with pain as my contractions were very strong & she arrived at 2pm. No stitches & she's one healthy baby!!  Thank you for all your help. I...

Ellie and Nick's Hospital Birth Story

Hi Sharon   I just wanted to let you know that our baby boy Noah was born on 12 Aug, 3 days before due date (and actually the day that is said would be most convenient!). He was 7lb 8oz and is a very content and chilled out baby.  The birth was quite quick, I had some cramping at 16:00, my waters broke at 17:00, felt like I needed to push at 19:00 and he was here at 22:15! I just made it to the...

Marie and John's Hospital Birth Story

After our refresher session I managed to listen to your recordings quite a few times before the due date.  On the due date I went for a check up with the midwives who said that I was measuring small (having previously been normal) and should go to the hospital to be checked and scanned to see what was happening.  We found out that I had low amniotic fluid and so therefore they recommended I had an...

Kat and Jon's hospital birth story

Thank you so much in helping us with another brilliant birth experience-it was really powerful. I really feel like it gave me that extra bit of inner strength and belief I needed.

Kat's Birth Quote

Absolutely incredible, the most empowering feeling. I have a new found respect for my body and for female strength.Childbirth is a miracle, I am proud of myself, my body and my baby, we all worked together in harmony and the result was an experience I can look back on and draw strength from.I feel because I stayed so calm I was able to have a much more straight forward birthing, even when faced wi...

Jenny's hospital birth story

Absolutely incredible, the most empowering feeling. I have a new found respect for my body and for female strength.Childbirth is a miracle, I am proud of myself, my body and my baby, we all worked together in harmony and the result was an experience I can look back on and draw strength from.

Jenny's Birth Quote

My hypnobirthing practice that I had been so passionate about during my pregnancy really paid off and I can honestly say I entered a state that was nothing like I have ever experienced before. It was everything both my husband and I wanted. It was intimate, special and more than anything so empowering.

Anneliese's Birth Quote

Dear Sharon,   Just to say I had a little boy on Saturday 5th November, well not so little as he was 9lbs 5.5oz born at home at 5.35am. Completely unplanned home birth as he came so quickly.   My water broke at 2.30am and had my first strong contraction at 4.45am and he arrived at 5.35am with the paramedics turning up 10 minutes before he was born and only 10puffs of gas and air. I would have...

Emily's Home Birth Story

Our daughter was 4 days late but I managed to avoid induction. I used all the techniques you taught me and managed to give birth to her without any intervention and with just the aid of some gas and air at the end. A completely different experience than last time so thank you for your help! It definitely made a huge difference to how I approached labour and kept me focused throughout.

Rachael's Birth quote

We had our son Rex on 19th December after a 10 hour labour.  He was born in the birthing pool at home with no pain relief apart from a tens machine.  He scored a 9 at 1 minute on the apgar test and then a 10.  Monitoring of his heart rate throughout the birth showed him to be very calm the whole time.  I would give a score of 9 for how in control I felt.   I don't think I could have done it witho...

Emma's Hospital Birth Story

The best experience so far out of the 6. One of the best things you said was how women in a coma could give birth. That gave me the confidence that it didn't have to be this huge effort. I felt like an observer. And for the first time I paid attention to exactly what was happening in my body.

Maria's birth quote

Josh and I had a great experience and managed a rather quick labour and short stay in hospital, everything we wanted out of the experience.  The baby was a bit shocked by the speed but was fine after a little help from the midwives.  We are all home and settling into life as a little family.  I wholly thank the hypnobirthing sessions that you delivered to get me into the right mindset to do it nat...

Sarah's birth quote

We were really lucky and had a super quick and straight forward delivery and are now settled in at home. I just wanted to thank you as I found the classes really helpful. In particular the exercises on realigning my attitude towards childbirth. I genuinely found the experience of giving birth a joyous one and felt calm and in control throughout. The pain never felt unmanageable and delivered only...

Emma's birth quote

I am positive that the information we learnt from the course has enabled us to have the home birth that we planned. Being our first child, everyone told us to expect to be transferred but luckily this didn't have to happen. With the hypnosis it taught me to be calm and to look forward to labour rather than to fear it. When my waters went at 37+5 weeks I was excited. My contractions didn't...

Capri-Ann's Home Birth Story

Although I was slightly panicked at times (mainly from the fact my partner took the dog for a walk made a cup of tea and was very calm even though my contractions were coming fast and we had a 45min drive to the hospital.) I have since spoken to my mum and said I think I would have been even calmer if I knew the pain I was having at home was as bad as it would get. Having said that I think I coped...

Alice's Hospital Birth Story

Baby Arlo, born Tuesday 31st October @ 9:02am. Unfortunately I had to be induced but I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing experience & I put this down to hypnobirthing!!!! I managed to have a water birth with just gas & air & a 4 hour labour. I used the techniques from start to finish & when I wasn’t able to focus Luke was right on hand with the positive affirmations. I can’t thank you enough!...

Charlotte's birth quote

The hypnobirthing really worked for me - I managed to get to almost fully dilated at home and my labour was very rapid - under 5 hours from hospital admission to birth. I also had no pain relief other than paracetamol. I am convinced that hypnobirthing was the reason that my labour was so easy.

Sarah's birth quote

Hope all well! Just to let you know that we had a baby boy called Zephyr last thursday by an uncomplicated vaginal delivery that progressed really well. I was amazed when they passed him to me as he is a whopper and the hypnobirthing definitely helped me stay calm and in control of what was going on throughout. All the best and thank you so much. I don’t think I would have delivered Zephyr so easi...

Susie's birth quote

6 am - started feeling contraction-like pains in my lower back/buttocks so went for a shower. Whilst in the shower I was able to wash myself as normal and washed my hair because I knew i'd be in the hospital and it needed doing! So semi-normal thoughts still happening. We later found out that during this period I was in the transition stage of labour, I had been dilating for the rest of the time d...

Verena and Callum's Hospital Birth story

Hi Sharon,  Just to let you know that Arthur Michael arrived on 15th March weighing 7lbs 6ozs. He was exactly 2 weeks late (!) and I was booked for induction at SDH on the 15th. I went into labour naturally at midnight on the 14th (I think he knew what was going to happen!!) but due to being booked in already I had to go to the hospital for checks. While Arthur was perfectly happy and things were...

Anna's Hospital Birth Story

Just to let you know that baby J was born 7 May at 0823hrs at Salisbury Hospital at 39.5wks and weighed 9lbs. I was in early labour with a back to back baby for 5 days before and I swear giving birth was easier than putting up with the back pain contractions beforehand! The hypnobirthing definitely helped my breathing on the day and baby naturally turned when I got into positions. I was lucky enou...

Jess's Hospital Birth Story

Overall it was very positive and a happy experience. I've not suffered any of the 'baby blues' whatsoever. Contractions were hard going but they were the worst bit and at the peak of the induction that was the only time I had a brief moment where I felt I couldn't continue.  My birth partner stepped in at this point and reminded me of my anchor and helped me get past it as deep down he and I  knew...

Anna's birth quote

Everyone told me that second babies come quicker, so advised me to have a plan and get moving at the first twinge of labour! During the classes, Sharon frequently mentioned that hypnobirthing tends to speed up labour. This scared me. My first labour felt quite long (actually 10 hours) but was relatively straightforward and non-traumatic. I didn't want to be the mum giving birth in the car park!  ...

Jaime's Hospital Birth Story

Absolutely amazing. Baby was born at home, on the sofa. I LOVED the whole experience!

Jo's Birth Quote

Positive Induction Second Time Mum. 9lb 11oz (Petite mother!!) 41+4 No stiches or intervention J.  My first experience of childbirth involved induction and intervention. An experience I was keen to avoid the 2ndtime round.  I chose to do the hypnobirthing course to adjust my mindset and have a more positive experience. I hoped this time round I would have the natural labour and water birth t...

Pip's Hospital Birth Story

Wonderful. It was everything I'd hoped for. It was so quick, I didn't get chance to listen to all of my MP3s or have a water birth (I did have a bath at home though!). I really only just made it to hospital in time for the birth, so there was no chance of them filling up a pool! But I was able to stay at home right up until the last minute and, thanks to Sharon, all of my contractions were totally...

Steph and David's 2nd baby born with hypnobirthing at Salisbury District Hospital

Hi Sharon,    We just wanted to let you know that baby Alfred arrived safely on Tuesday 17th weighing 8lbs.  The whole process didn't go exactly as we would have liked but I'm pretty confident that we couldn't have done anything differently!  Things started early on Saturday morning and we ended up going in and out of hospital that weekend. My waters broke on Monday morning and I got to use th...

Kat and Chris Hospital birth

Hello Sharon,  Thank you, our daughter was born almost 2 weeks late on the 21st September with the help of an induction, she was a healthy 8lb 10oz. The midwives at Salisbury were absolutely fantastic, with the help of Hypnobirthing and a pool birth I had the best birthing experience I could have asked for.  I didn’t use the hypnobirthing tracks during labour but I definitely used the technique...

Emma and Simon's hospital birth story

The midwives at Salisbury were absolutely fantastic, with the help of Hypnobirthingand a pool birth I had the best birthing experience I could have asked for.  Atno point was I fearful and managed the whole labour on 6 paracetamol and 20 minutes of gas and air.

Emma and Simon's birth quote

I gave birth to a healthy baby girl on 3rd October in Salisbury District. I did stage one of labour at home and then arrived at my routine midwife’s appointment at 41 weeks 7cm dilated! Needless to say I headed off to hospital (my plan) and I was in stage two labour for 2 hours and then gave birth under gas and air. Thank you for giving me the presence of mind to breathe through the pain!

Saskia's birth quote

So after a few pains and some bleeding (2 days after a UTI diagnosis) I came back into hospital last night at 10pm and was asked to stay in for 24 hours to monitor heart beat and blood loss... a few hours later at 3.59am today we welcome a little cutie into the world at 33weeks and 2 days weighing 4lb and 2ozHe’s doing so well, in incubator but currently breathing unaided, bloods etc all spot on!!...

Vicky's Hospital Birth Story

We would wholeheartedly recommend hypnobirthing with Sharon to anyone preparing for birth.   My husband and I attended a course on Hypnobirthing with Sharon Mustard prior to the birth of our son Reuben in early 2020 and it was one of the best things we did in preparing for his birth. Each informative session with Sharon left us feeling empowered, calm and in control - giving us the skills to sta...

Sarah and Simon's hospital birth at Salisbury District Hospital

Amazing-nothing could have prepared me for such a beautiful experience & to have the opportunity to deliver and meet Amelia without any sense of fear of the process was incredible-thank you so much.

Shelley, 1st baby

It was just brilliant. Everything I’d hoped for. It truly was a lovely journey that he and I made together. The bonding has been so much better and I’m loving it all. Absolutely brilliant. It was my perfect birth experience for me and my baby-thank you.

Kirsty, 2nd baby

Thank you for all your help, the c-section went very smoothly and i managed to stay calm throughout.

Kitty and Will, 1st babies

It was magical. We felt in control and very calm throughout. We were focused on meeting our baby and were able to concentrate on supporting each other.

Laura and Tim, 1st baby

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Online course
Hypnobirthing the easibirthing® way online course

Hypnobirthing for labour and birth the easibirthing® way ONLINE course (7.5 hours)

A complete toolkit for you to have the birth experience you can be proud of

The easibirthing® method aims to empower you to manage your unique birth experience, not fear it

With the birth experience itself being the main event as this story unfolds, hypnobirthing is a magical way of you taking ownership of your experience.

easibirthing® hypnobirthing training will not only teach techniques such as relaxation but will also teach how to manage sensations of pain and discomfort by re-programming the brain's response to messages from nerve endings.

Study media: Animated and illustrative videos, audio visual lectures, downloadable hypnosis audio tracks, full course manual and PDF handouts for clients

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Hypnobirthing for Caesarean section the easibirthing online course

Hypnobirthing for Caesarean Section the easibirthing® way ONLINE (4 hours)

Have a positive birth experience with a surgical birth.

The easibirthing® method aims to empower you to manage your birth experience, not fear it.

This hypnobirthing course is about learning to utilise hypnosis to experience and look back on your baby's birth with pride, fond memories & confidence.

  • to build trusting relationships with your medical team in order to feel safe, supported and an integral part of that team
  • to understand what your rights are in making choices and decisions and retain a sense of control and empowerment
  • to adjust psychologically to the post natal period beyond a C-section and parenthood
  • to stay empowered with choices and challenges in birth
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One-to-one IN PERSON hypnobirthing appointments with Sharon Mustard (easibirthing® founder) in Salisbury, Wiltshire

Meet with Sharon at her offices in central Salisbury at 5 Enterprise House, Boathouse Meadow Business Park, Cherry Orchard Lane, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK

We recommend a series of 4 x 1.5 hours one-to-one sessions ideally anytime from 20 weeks in your pregnancy. This option is bespoke so content/length/timing can be tailored to your requirements.

Birth partners are encouraged to attend if possible. Each session costs £98 for 1.5 hours duration.

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One-to-one LIVE VIDEO therapy sessions with Sharon Mustard

One-to-one LIVE VIRTUAL appointments with Sharon Mustard (easibirthing® founder) via video link

Meet with Sharon via video, accessible from anywhere in the world.

We recommend a series of 4 x 1.5 hours one-to-one sessions ideally anytime from 20 weeks in your pregnancy. This option is bespoke so content/length/timing can be tailored to your requirements.

Birth partners are encouraged to attend if possible. Each session costs £98 for 1.5 hours duration.

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