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Congratulations to Olivia on the birth of her baby girl at Salisbury Hospital on 21st February using hypnobirthing

 23rd Feb 2017

Had my natural VBAC birth yesterday at 41 + 4 weeks. The shadow of induction was the only thing that stressed me at any point in my pregnancy and I'm so glad I went with my gut, which said that baby w...

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A tribute to Chinese New Year... Postpartum traditions in Asia

 26th Jan 2017

This Saturday, celebrations will be held around the world for the beginning of the Chinese New Year. This time of coming together of communities has made me reflect on how different cultures celebr...

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Rules for Rows in the Post Natal Period

 13th Jan 2017

Becoming a parent can be a trying time for any relationship. The time when you would benefit from supporting each other more, is often the time when you focus on looking after yourself when not lookin...

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Congratulations to Emma and Jamie on the birth of their baby boy at home in Salisbury on 19th December using hypnobirthing

 11th Jan 2017

Hi Sharon, We had our son Rex on 19th December after a 10 hour labour.  He was born in the birthing pool at home with no pain relief apart from a tens machine.  He scored a 9 at 1 minute on the apgar...

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Congratulations to Emily and George on the birth of their baby boy at home in Salisbury on 5th November using hypnobirthing

 15th Nov 2016

Just to say I had a little boy on Saturday 5th November, well not so little as he was 9lbs 5.5oz born at home at 5.35am. Completely unplanned home birth as he came so quickly.   My water broke at 2....

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Congratulations to Jenny and James on the birth of their baby boy Harry on 30th July 2016 at Salisbury District Hospital using hypnobirthing

 2nd Nov 2016

Absolutely incredible, the most empowering feeling. I have a new found respect for my body and for female strength.Childbirth is a miracle, I am proud of myself, my body and my baby, we all worked tog...

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